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Slingshot Bearden Cable Wakeboard 2024

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Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard 2024
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Slingshot Bearden Cable Wakeboard 2024

The Bearden is here to stay and in a BIG way. For 2024 the size range stretches from 140 all the way to 156 so there's a size for everyone to jump on board! The Bearden comes with one of the softest flex patterns in the line as well as chined rails. If you're anything like pro team rider Crosse Bearden you'll be sliding this rig through puddles of mud, across the lawn, over the rooftops, and just about anywhere else there's a tow rope and a little bit of water. Crosse has taught us a TON about what is truly on or off-limits when it comes to wakeboarding, and this board has helped him to unlock all sorts of new possibilities. If you're looking for a simple, durable, and playful setup that will allow you to press like a king the Bearden is the answer.

Rail-focused park riders looking for a softer board that unlocks their ability to press like a BOSS! Thanks to it's chined rails the Bearden is also a great choice for those sliding rougher surfaces like grass or ruffle pipes, chains, shopping carts, docks, or whatever else you can throw in it's path!

  • Atomic Wood Core
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls
  • Ballistic Base
  • Continuous Rocker Profile
  • Wide Tip/Tail Profile
  • Chined Rails
Length (cm) Width (cm) Rocker (in) Weight (lb)
140 43.7 2.6" 7.9
144 44.9 2.6" 8.1
148 45 2.7" 8.3
152 45 2.8" 8.5
156 45 2.8" 8.7


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