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Radar Session Waterski 2024

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Radar Session Waterski 2024
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Radar Session Waterski 2024

The Session was built with stability and ease in mind. With more surface area than Radar has ever created, getting out of the water is a breeze and once you're up, you'll feel like you're floating with the level spine and grip rails reducing drag. The All-Terrain construction makes crossing wakes and rougher water simple and smooth. Like all Radar Skis the Session is built with 100% carbon laminates.

  • ALL-TERRAIN CORE - Most forgiving construction.
  • 100% CARBON FIBER - Consistent flex every time.
  • GRIP RAILS 2.0 - Allowing your ski to engage with ease.
65" 416.13 SQ" 7.76" 20-30 MPH / 34-49 KPH OPEN WATER Up to 160 lbs / Up to 73 kg
67" 442.13 SQ" 8.00” 20-30 MPH / 34-49 KPH OPEN WATER 130 – 190 lbs / 59 – 86 kg
69" 468.92 SQ" 8.24" 20-30 MPH / 34-49 KPH OPEN WATER 175 – 230 lbs / 79 – 104 kg
71" 482.51 SQ" 8.24" 20-30 MPH / 34-49 KPH OPEN WATER 220+ lbs / 100+ kg


Flat Spot
Open Water skis sport an oversized flat spot which allow the skis to auto-level. Skiers of any ability level can hop on a Session or Terrain and feel instantly at home due to its balance on the water.

Straight Lines
The straight lines built into the Open Water series allow the ski to carve more continuously and let the ski roll on edge more naturally. This combined with our updated grip rails make for the most effortless and smooth lines you’ve ever dreamed of skiing.

Grip Rails 2.0
The evolution of our grip rails was aimed to allow the ski to engage much easier. These angled rails also force water to the center of the ski increasing lift and decreasing drag. What you’ll feel is effortless flow and ease of turning.

Level Spine
Open Water skis have a flat spine directly down the center of the ski. This allows water to flow cleanly down the center, reducing drag and making it possible to make endless turns without tiring out.

Radar Prime Waterski Boot

The Prime was designed with simplicity in mind.  A bungee on the upper allows for mobility, while the lace on the lower provides support.  The Prime offers great performance and comfort all while being price-conscious.

Small: 5-8
Standard: 7-11
XLarge: 10-14


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