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O'Brien Torrent Wakesurfer 2024

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O'Brien Torrent Wakesurfer 2024
O'Brien Torrent Wakesurfer 2024 2
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O'Brien Torrent Wakesurfer 2024
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O'Brien Torrent Skim Wakesurfer 2024

Built for anyone looking for a fast, forgiving and fun skim style ride. Ready to take your skimboarding to new heights? Look no further than the Torrent - a modern skim-style design that's built to be ridden hard. This board is one of the snappiest skim shapes out there, perfect for pumping, building speed, and launching airs. With its versatile shape, the Torrent is designed to perform both forward and backward, making it easier than ever to perfect new tricks. And with three removable fins, you can customize the tracking to meet your exact needs.

  • SKIM STYLE - Using smaller fins and a sharper rail, these boards have a loose, skatey feel on the water making it easier to complete surface spins and more skate inspired moves.
  • COMPRESSION MOLDED - 2-part construction - Compression molded for shape consistency and light weight - then hand polished rails and gloss coat finish.
  • CHOPPED DIAMOND TAIL - Performs exceptionally well on larger waves, added with provides extra push, stability and control.
  • Machined EVA Pad
  • 3 Removable Delta Fins


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