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Fly High Stainless Steel Pylon Extension

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Fly High Stainless Steel Pylon Extension

If you have a direct drive boat that you want to outfit for better wakeboarding, the Fly High Stainless Steel Extended Pylon is the best pylon extension money can buy. This pylon extension also features a slalom height ski rope tow attachment and a polycarbonate insert on the interior to protect the pylon in your boat. Another important feature is dual cable system that attaches to the bow of the boat to take the strain off the pylon for rock solid hold under any load. A sturdy soft nylon bow strap will hold #5000 and not scratch your boat. This is everything you need to make your inboard ski boat a wakeboard machine!
Stainless steel construction of this pylon combined with the dual bow straps will flex much less than less expensive aluminum pylons. This extended pylon installs quickly by sliding the two stainless steel sections over your boat's factory pylon and then and adjusting the bow cable length with the revolutionary adjustable die block design. After the inital install to adjust the cables. The pylon extension can be removed in about a minute.

Extended pylons will offer all of the benefits of a wake board tower but at a fraction of the price.
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