Womens Wakeboards

Womens Wakeboards

Womens Wakeboards

The major difference in men’s wakeboards versus women’s wakeboards is the weight and size. Generally, women are shorter and tend to weigh less. Women’s wakeboards are built in smaller sizes and weigh less then the men’s lines. We carry Hyperlite, Connelly, and Ronix wakeboards for women.

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    Ronix Krush Wakeboard Package

    2021 Ronix Krush Wakeboard


    $229.95 - $359.95
    2021 Ronix Krush Women's Wakeboard The Ronix Women's Krush Wakeboard takes into consideration that while behind the boat your hips and shoulders are not always parallel. Off set fins on the toe edge that sit closer to the edge and longer in length make...
    $229.95 - $359.95
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    $229.95 - $359.95
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