Custom X2 Ballast Upgrade

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MasterCraft X-2 Ballast Upgrade Kit

Deck your MasterCraft X-2 out with the fully integrated ballast kit. This ballast addition for the MasterCraft X-2 allows you to get more air and additional hang time via a bigger wake. The bigger wake not only helps you go higher but also land softer as it increases the landing ramp; something everyone needs!

This custom ballast adds and additonal 1500 lbs to the factory X-2 ballast system and ties into the existing pumps for quick filling and draining. The X2 Ballast Kit is designed by Fly High and Midwest MasterCraft to ensure solid performance, quick fill and drain as well as the BEST wakeboard wake.

(2) X2 Rear Sacs - W714
(1) Integrated Bow Sac - W717
(3) Distribution Flow Valves - 54650-DFV
(3) T-Assembly - W724
(30) Hose Clamps - 54300
(10) Stainless Steel Worm Clamps - 1004
(75ft) Bilge Hose - 51011
Midwest MasterCraft is proud to offer custom ballast installation for your boat. Call now for details on this and other wakeboard ballast installation.
Kit does not include installation.
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