What to Look For When Buying Water Skis?

There are several things to think about when buying water skis, and there are several options to purchase the best option for you. If you are a first time water skier and are looking to purchase combo water skis, one key point to look for is surface area of the skis themselves. The more surface area under you will provide some extra stability for beginners at slow speeds. So choosing a wider pair will set you up for success when learning. The idea of a good pair of combo skis is to eventually kick one off and drop it so be sure to check for the rear toe strap so you can learn and advance to slalom water skiing when you are ready! Check out our blog to gather more details on combo skis!

Now when you move on and are looking for a slalom water ski there are more factors to consider.

  • Sizing charts are made to help determine how much surface area the rider needs in order to be a successful skier. The sizing charts are done by weight. If you are trying to accommodate many riders, it is always best to use the heaviest riders weight.
  • Speed is a second factor to continue to your ski decision. If you are interested in keeping the speed slow, you will want to have a wider ski to keep you on plane and not swerving around at the lower speeds. Getting a ski that is too advanced for your skill level or speed will not be enjoyable, it will be difficult for a novice skier to control. If you are a more advanced skier and ski at 30mph+ you will want a thinner ski to reduce the drag at that speed.
  • The rocker is another factor to consider. The rocker is the amount of curve from the tip to tail of your ski. The rocker affects the sharpness of turns you can make. The more rocker, the sharper the turns.
  • The bevel of the ski, which is the side profile of the ski, is another factor to look into. A bevel determines where the water flows from the bottom of the water ski. An upper bevel will allow water to flow quickly and is more advanced than a lower bevel. The lower bevel will allow the ski to ride more on top of the water.

If you have any other questions on specifics of waterski’s don’t hesitate to reach out. Check out the large variety of ski’s we carry here!

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Feb 22nd 2021 Jessica Trotman

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