Surfer Safety & Boating Etiquette

Everyone loves a day out on the lake. Everyone also may have a different idea of what that might look like. It is important to respect those around you and abide by the basic safety and etiquette rules to help everyone enjoy their day. The following are important things to remember when out on the water:

  1. Be courteous of those around you with your wake. There is no need to throw a big wave out near other boats, swimmers, or docks. Slow down and go past obstacles at a nice pace. You must also be cautious of the shoreline. Stay AT LEAST 250 feet away from shore while running your boat if it is creating a wake. This ensures that the shoreline stays unharmed and everyone stays safe.
  2. Remember you are not the only ones on the lake. Keep those tunes in check. Of course everyone loves going out and having a good time while blasting the radio. However, keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste in music. Some go out on the lake to relax and have a peaceful day.
  3. Know your lake. When taking your boat out to a new lake, be prepared and pay attention. It is your responsibility to know the rules. Watch out for no wake areas, swimming areas, etc.
  4. Most of all; just be courteous to everyone around you, own you wake, and have a good time!
Oct 6th 2020 Jessica Trotman

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