Learning How to Water Ski

Water skiing is a sport for everyone! It really is simple to learn. The only equipment you need to learn are a pair of skis, a rope, a boat, and a driver. 

The first step is to get your skis on and get in the water. Learning how to float with your skis on is easy as long as you are relaxed and wearing your life jacket. You want to start out in a crouched position with the rope going between your two skis. Keep your arms out straight and around your knees.

Next, let the boat driver tighten up your rope so you have a slight pull. When you feel ready let your boat driver know. The next important thing is not to stand up too quickly, let the boat do all the work and pull you up out of the water. It’s best to stay crouched until you are on plane, then you can start to slowly stand up into a skiing position. Once you are up, keep your arms out straight in front of you with a slight bend to your knee. Typical boat speed for waterskiing can widely range between 20-32mph. You certainly should not start that fast if you are not comfortable; you can go as slow as 15mph and work up towards those higher speeds! HO Sports has an awesome tutorial video on their website to assist in the learning process.

Oct 6th 2020 Jessica Trotman

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