How to choose the right water ski binding & wakeboard bindings.

Choosing between bindings can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually a very simple process. It can be very similar for water ski bindings and wakeboard binding setups. The first decision to be made is between open toed and closed toed bindings. The major difference between the two being closed toed bindings are made for the rider to be using the ski or board exclusively. Whereas, open toed bindings are made to fit a range of sizes so several riders would be able to fit into them. The general breakdown of open toed (men’s size) bindings are small sizes 4-8, standard size 7-11, and XL size 10-14. These are true to normal shoe sizes, each brand varies a little by sizing but this is a good general rule of thumb when looking for bindings. If you are looking for closed toed bindings that are specific to your shoe size (example: size 10, size 11, size 12 are all separate bindings), these tend to be the higher end bindings. They offer support in different areas of your feet and ankles for safety. Many who choose to use their ski or wakeboard exclusively will choose this option for the best possible fit.

An added factor when choosing ski bindings opposed to wakeboard bindings is deciding between a double boot or single boot with rear toe plate setup. This is something that is debated which is better in the ski community. Some grow up skiing with one setup and never change, others adapt to new styles and swap things out. There is no right answer which is better, they just provide different advantages and disadvantages on the water. The double boot tends to be the most common in very advanced and aggressive skiers. It keeps you as locked in as possible to your ski. However, the rear toe plate has become more and more popular in recent years. Some choose this style simply for the fact that they find it easier to get up out of the water with. You are still able to cut and maneuver aggressively and provide more versatility for the riders on your ski, as rear toe plates are one size fits all. 

Oct 1st 2020 Jessica Trotman

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