How to choose the right wakeboard

When you start looking at buying a wakeboard it can be a bit overwhelming at first with the several options that range so much in size and price. To make this process a bit easier, the first thing to consider is the size of wakeboard. Wakeboards can range from 119 cm (kids boards) all the way up to 150 cm for larger adults. The average rider will want to stay between 130 and 145. Many wakeboard companies have their own sizing charts that are simple to follow, but as a general rule of thumb you can use this sizing chart:

Rider weight (lbs.) Board Size (cm)






Once you have determined what size board you need, you need to consider what level of rider you are, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Now, there’s not one specific board that goes with each level of riding. The size of the board is going to be your most important factor. A beginner rider will still be able to get up and enjoy themselves on a board that is made for more advanced riders. After size, the next thing to look at when buying a wakeboard is the rocker of the board. A rocker on a board is just what it sounds like, it's the curve of the bottom side of the board. A continuous rocker has a continuous curve along the back, and a 3 stage rocker has a slight curve, a flat spot, and then curves back on the other side. The flat spot is made for advanced riders to be able to have that flat spot to land on after jumps, flips, and other tricks, as well as getting that bigger pop off of the wake. However, it is much less forgiving than a continuous rocker board. There are specific features that each board has that are made for specific styles of riding Generally speaking a beginner board will have a continuous rocker or at least a less aggressive 3 stage rocker. The Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is a great example of a beginner board with a continuous rocker. There are other options for beginners to excel and grow, the Ronix Vault is a great example of this, as it is more of a beginner board with a 3 stage rocker. It is an asymmetrical board that gives beginner/intermediate riders an interesting fin set up to assist them cutting both toe side and heel side. It has three fins on each side of the board to give extra stability, as well as the option to remove the center fins to ride more advanced.

Now, an advanced board is going to have a more aggressive 3 stage rocker. This gives the board more pop at the top of the wake. There are also hybrid rocker boards that can be made for more advanced riders. If you are at the point of working on larger jumps and tricks, this is the type of board you are going to want to get. TheRonix Supreme wakeboard has a hybrid rocker type that allows for a smooth ride as well as that little bit of extra pop off the wake that you may be looking for. The Hyperlite Relapse board has a very aggressive 3 stage rocker. This board will give you arguably the most lift off of the wake. 

Feb 11th 2021 Jessica Trotman

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