2021 Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard

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2021 Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Blueprint Wakeboard offers a soulful freewheeling ride that has insane amounts of pop of the wake. A Deep spine runs down the middle offering soft landings and a wakeboard that is easy to break free in the flats. Continuous rocker profile offers mellow turns and predictable pop so you can focus on your trick instead of  when to pop. Biolite 3 Core keeps the Source light while providing durability and pop. Monocque Construction wraps the top glass around the bottom glass forming one unit creating durable board that withstand side impacts. With how light the Hyperlite Source is, and wake size of todays boats, the Source uses a size up philosophy to maximize pop, and provide softer landings. 

  • Size Up Philosophy 
  • Biolite 3 Core 
  • Monocque Construction 
  • Continuous Rocker 
  • Dual Concave Base 


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